Saturday, April 20, 2013

36 Hours in Bilbao, Spain

We spent a quick 36 hours in this city of northern Spain. Like most tourists, I assume, we came here to see the architectural artistry of the Guggenheim. We had a bit of time to explore more of the city, but the weather was awful the entire time we were there, so it didn't leave the best impression. What we saw was fine, but the city didn't seem to have a ton of personality to define it like many of the other places we've been. It is small, divided by a river, with an old town and new area. It was very cold (probably in the 30s to 40s at warmest) and rainy the whole time we were here (except for about 30 minutes one day when we got the blue-skied picture below!). It also hailed, thundered and we saw a few snowflakes as well.
Bilbao, Spain
I can’t say I wouldn't recommend visiting Bilbao because it might be a great place when the weather is decent and you aren't staying somewhere that smells like mildew. :)

Also, a visit to the Guggenheim was definitely worth it if you’re into architecture. Drew and I aren't huge museum people, but we both really enjoyed our time there and felt it was worth the 13 Euros it cost to get in (includes audio guide which made the entire thing that much better).
The Guggenheim peaking out at the end of the street
The Guggenheim and its "pet dog"
Inside my favorite exhibit, The Matter of Time
Inside the main area of the museum
Outside the museum
Another outside view 
Art, inside and out
Through the fog...
If you get the chance and are nearby, take a day or two to explore the city and definitely see the Guggenheim!

For more photos from Bilbao, click here.

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