Saturday, December 29, 2012

So, where are we going?

For those who have been curious, here is a quick glance at our route as planned thus far. For some reason I couldn't add our stop in the Galapagos (off the coast of Ecuador) so that is missing. Plus our route from Rome to Istanbul is going to be a day by day adventure, so no stops are mapped out in that region.  But this will give you a general idea of our destinations! 

We should be visiting a total of five continents...and the number of countries is yet to be determined...


  1. Thank you for sharing! What an exciting route.

    I'll be interested to hear about your travels en route.

    Are you going to continue your blog?

    Sft x

    1. Thank you - we are so excited!! Also, thanks for continuing to follow my blog...I hope you will enjoy it even more once the adventure begins! I am going to continue writing as much as I can while away - pending internet access and free time, of course!

      Happy New Year!
      Explorer (Andrea)

  2. This is so fantastic! Good luck, Andrea! I'm sure I can speak for just about anyone by saying I'm insanely jealous. Good for you for taking the plunge. Have a blast. :-)