Friday, March 22, 2013

Holy Toledo! (Spain, not Ohio)

Before we left and while traveling we heard from many people that we had to go to Toledo while in Spain, as it's only 30 minutes from Madrid, where we were flying into and out of.

So...we obliged.

And we are both very happy we did. What an amazing city!

The place we are staying we booked on, another absolute winner, it overlooks the river and is an easy walk to anywhere we wanted to go. Our hosts, Heidi and Chiqui have been fabulous, and Heidi's lovely mother from Austria even invited us to visit her and her husband while we are in Austria!

We've spent a lot of time wandering and just taking in the city. It's got a very rich history (I'll let you read up on wikipedia for more info), beautiful architecture, and crazy mazed streets (to confuse any would-be attackers back in the day and get them all turned around!)

We bought mazapan (a sweet made by nuns), browsed damascene jewelry, and checked out the swords that Toledo is known for! Check out the city and our experience through the photos below.

A small park near "our" home
A walk by the river
Spring beginning in Toledo: the monastery in the background

The narrow, maze-like streets
On another of the bridges over the river
Plaza Zocodover and the keyhole arch
The city and the river
I'm in love with all the arches
A close up of the monastery
Overlooking the city
Sunset over the city

Many interesting doors and knockers

The Cathedral
The cathedral on the right 
The cathedral at night
Tomorrow (March 23) we head to the capital of the Andalusia region of Spain, to the city of Seville, where Holy Week (Semana Santa) activities should be going on strong! Should be an experience!!!

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