Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Flying High: Paragliding in Lima, Peru

On Sunday, Drew and I decided to splurge and take a full day to learn how to paraglide with AeroXtreme Paragliding School (who we would highly recommend).
All geared up for take off!
The day began with about a 45 minute drive to the Sand Dunes of Lurin where we got a quick lesson on the controls, set up the gliders, and began to fly!

Drew and I each got the chance to do five solo flights over the dunes and they were awesome! The only bad part was hiking back UP the dunes after the flight was over. But knowing you got to fly down again was enough motivation!!

Check out my first attempt here:

Our instructor, Michael, told me that I had one of the best first flights he'd ever seen, and that I must have been a bird in a past life!

After our solo flights we drove to another site in Pachacamac where we would complete a tandem flight with our instructor. This flight began by running off the side of small mountain (or large hill, depending on your perspective.) The flight was longer - about 20 minutes for me - and completely different. We were just along for the ride on this one so the focus was really just taking in the views and enjoying the fact that we were flying among the birds. It wasn't really adrenaline pumping, but it was serene, peaceful and beautiful. A truly unique and mesmerizing experience.

My tandem flight and another paraglider above 
Flying high about Pachacamac
Drew flying!
Drew coming in for a landing

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