Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Continent #3: Europe

I don't have time to write a formal post, but here's a quick update for all who are following us:

  • We arrived in Madrid safely yesterday around 5:00pm, took the subway to our apartment and unloaded our bags, and were happily eating pizza (gluten free for me!) by 9:00pm last night. (It would have been earlier, but the pizza place didn't open until 8:30pm, which is typical for Spain!)
  • Today we (accidentally) slept until 11:30am! Hello jet lag!
  • I got "lunch" at a spectacular gluten free bakery! (A brownie and chocolate covered coconut cupcake!) Drew tried some cheap sandwiches from the Museo de Jamon. (Picture a fast-food restaurant with lots of pig legs hanging from the ceiling and beer taps at the order bar!)
  • We looked into train tickets and bought some for a two day trip to Toledo, leaving tomorrow.
  • We wandered about and ran a couple errands before heading to El Museo del Prado for their free entry hours from 6-8. We spent just about the full two hours exploring the amazing works of art from legendary artists! Incredible to see works from as far back as the 12th century from famous artists like Goya, Valasquez, and Rubens.
  • Had a shared dinner of tapas (not so exciting when it has to be gluten free!)
  • Now back to rest before our big day tomorrow - off to Toledo, just a short 30-minute train ride from Madrid!
The view from our apartment into Santa Ana Plaza
My first pizza in almost 2 months!
Drew's lunch at el Museo de Jamon
The start of Spring flowers in Madrid
El Museo del Prado through the trees
Also, we are both in love with Madrid! Maybe it's just because it's our first European city after being in South America for a month and a half and there are a lot of things that are much more similar to home, but for whatever reason, we are truly enjoying it!


  1. You're so tan! Betsey says Drew needs to shave...and she wants to know, "What are you doing for food?"

    1. Ha! Not so tan seems to be fading a bit! LOL And Drew has been better about shaving now ;-)