Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sharing a Treat: Ball of Light Photography

Due to my love of Australia, interest in photography, and presence on Facebook, I came across some really amazing art this evening that I felt I needed to share.

I stumbled upon an Australian photographer, Denis Smith, who creates what he calls "Ball of Light" photography.  Not only are the pictures amazing and not edited in Photoshop, many of them are of some of the amazing places I myself have visited in Australia.

I'm not sure what I can share without permissions, so you're going to need to just click the link and check it out yourself.

Make sure to read Story --> Ball of Light? so you can understand how it is done.  His blog is pretty neat as well, so if you have a couple minutes, check it out!  (I am also in love with the images in Angkor Wat, Cambodia, as that was part of our honeymoon adventure! (Happy three years tomorrow, hub!)

Incredible.  Unique.  Beautiful.

I'm impressed.

And now I want to try!

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