Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's All Greek to Me

Just a quickie!!

The cruise has been incredible so far! Corfu, Greece; Katakolon, Greece (visited ancient Olympia!); Santorini, Greece (where I took the photo-such a gorgeous place!!); Kusadasi, Turkey (visited the ancient city of Ephesus); and today we are in Athens! Everything is closed today because it is Easter Sunday here (not quite sure how that works), but luckily we're here until tomorrow at 5pm so we'll see the Acropolis tomorrow. Today we are enjoying the quiet of the city and having drinks with views of the Acropolis on the hill above us! Not bad!

No wifi on the boat (without a hefty fee!) so more to come later! Just know we are happy, eating well, seeing great things and enjoying the time with my parents!

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  1. The Greek Orthodox Church has a different "timetable" for their holy days.