Friday, February 1, 2013

Leaving Tomorrow!!?!

Whoa. We leave tomorrow for the first destination of our round the world journey: NYC to visit some friends. Unbelievable!

It's funny because many weeks ago I decided we should have this week off of work in order to wrap things up and get ready. However, as the trip got closer I was afraid a week would be too long and we'd wished we left sooner. Nope! We've been busy every day this week, and it's been pretty constant. Between making more accommodation reservations, compiling a detailed itinerary of the things we have booked, and visiting with friends and family, we haven't had too many free moments.

We finished up our week off today with cleaning our house, finishing packing our bags, and getting a couple last minute things we needed. I also had a nice lunch with my mom, and just finished painting my toes. Can't bare my tootsies in Miami and Ecuador without my favorite hot pink toenails!! ;-)

We're looking forward to this weekend in NY with our friends, followed by a few days in the Miami sunshine where we will get to meet up with a couple more friends, share a meal with my aunt and uncle, and do a couple scuba dives to prepare for the week of diving we have ahead in the Galapagos!

My bag is officially packed (all 32.8 pounds of it!); let the adventure begin!!!

My new home and life possessions for four months!
I think she needs a nickname...any suggestions?

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