Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gratitude, Support and Inspiration

I've dreamt of our upcoming adventure since I studied abroad in college and got the international "travel bug" (which, by the way, is absolutely a real thing - travel truly does get under your skin). It's incredible to be getting so close to our date of departure because it means so many things to me. It's a dream come true, years of saving, hundreds of conversations, hours of research, many moments of sacrifice, and a million daydreams, questions and answers.

I was always worried about what other people would think. I'd gotten snide remarks and uninformed comments for trips I'd taken before, so going on a trip like this would certainly entice even more of these comments, wouldn't it?

Sure, I've gotten a few. A few people have asked me why I would want to do this. A couple people have commented that "it must be nice to be rich" or something similar without really asking for or listening to any details of how we've gotten to this point. 

But overall, I've received so much support, excitement, and yes, a bit of envy from family, friends and coworkers. Most people think what we are doing is amazing, inspiring, and awesome, and so many have commented that "now is the time to do it."

Yes, we couldn't agree more.

I am so flattered and proud that a trip born in my mind evolved into an actual event that will not only become our reality in just over a month, but also has the power to inspire people that I know and love to do something similar, or to at least get out there and plan their dream. A few of our friends may meet us along the way, maybe some will begin to research and save for something that they've been dreaming of, and still others may simply reevaluate their budgets and priorities and see that the things they truly desire are attainable with a little bit of sacrifice and hard work.

I hope I am not coming across as boastful, fake, or naive. I admit that I am an optimist. I grew up believing that anything was possible if I wanted it badly enough and was willing to put in hard work. 

It hasn't been easy and there have been times when I was fearful our trip would never be a reality, but I continued to believe and learn and communicate and move toward my goal. And now...I am leaving in 37 days.

Imagine that. Oh, that's right, I did.
Ready to jump the fence and explore the world again!
(photo taken in the Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia)

I am so excited to begin this journey, and am equally excited to share it with the people who want to follow along with us through this blog. Stay tuned...

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