Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diving: A Secret World

We plan to start our adventure off of the coast of Ecuador, in the amazing Galapagos Islands which inspired Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. I love animals and learning about them and this incredible archipelago is home to the most unique creatures on the planet. I cannot wait to see them firsthand. Not all of energy is focused on the land animals such as the giant 150-year-old tortoises or even the airborne blue footed boobies. No, my greatest intrigue is what lies beneath the beautiful ocean and trail of islands. Therefore, we are spending several days on a live aboard diving yacht where we will complete up to four dives a day!

The hubby and I are advanced scuba divers and dive whenever we can, which unfortunately, living in Buffalo is not that often. We are vacation divers. But that doesn't make us love it any less.

There's something about diving that makes me feel so special; like I'm being let in on a secret that, unfortunately, many people will never experience. When I first enter the water I tend to feel like I'm intruding on the sea creatures' home and their world and maybe it's not quite right. But then, once I find my buoyancy and get comfortable, kicking my feet ever so slightly to propel myself along, arms at my sides, eyes excitedly scanning the sea around me, I no longer feel like an intruder. I simply feel like part of a secret, amazing world. There's very little sound down there, it's mostly bubbles unless the dive instructor is trying to get someone's attention by tapping on his metal air tank. I'm weightless and floating, propelling myself simply with my feet, or being moved along by the current. The sights are incredible; schools of fish that part when I swim toward them, breaking open the "wall" that they create and letting me pass through, colorful coral that has been around for thousands of years; and if I'm lucky, one of the big, exciting sights such as a turtle, shark or ray! These are the things that I hope to see on every dive!

If you get it. If you don't, I'd highly recommend you try it. If you're afraid and "stick to snorkeling," I applaud you for at least getting your face in the water, but I'd definitely urge you to try diving at least twice. The first time is guaranteed to be uncomfortable and possibly even difficult, but if you have a decent instructor they will make it a worthwhile and enlightening experience. By the second time you won't be completely overwhelmed by the new sensations and you  should have more time to simply relax and take in more of your surroundings.

Don't you want to be let in on the secret?

Photo taken by Wings Diving Adventures out of Airlie Beach, Australia from our dive trip in August 2011

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