Friday, July 27, 2012

Shared Commitment = Stronger Commitment

One of the best feelings, that can break through my frustration of a bad day at work, or my anxiety of a long to-do list, or my annoyance at sacrificing things I want now, is knowing we are committed, 100%, to our upcoming adventure.

About a year and a half ago I would not have been able to say the same thing.  I was committed and longing to embark on this journey, but I knew in my heart that my hubby was not fully there, and I feared his ability to get there.  I knew that without both of our true commitment to a RTW journey, it would be impossible to set out on this adventure together. But over long discussions, including some emotional arguments, we took the time to really look at the situation and what it would mean for us - finances, logistics, risks. We had a lot of long conversations, some of them frustrating and scary, but over continuous talking and dreaming, several months later we found ourselves on the same page, and every day as we look ahead to the day we leave, I am so grateful for this.

We can now see our adventure before us.  It's still foggy and unclear, but it is on the horizon and slowly beginning to come into focus.  We have A TON of work to do, questions to answer, obstacles to overcome, research and legwork to complete, but knowing what we have to do to get there, and knowing in our minds and hearts that we are going to do this, together, is the most important thing.

I'm a pretty independent person, but even I will admit, an adventure shared is always more fun and it's so important during the planning and preparation stages.  It's vital to have support and backup, especially when we are only sharing our plan with a small number of people until our departure gets much closer. 

One of the most frustrating feelings is knowing deep in your gut that you want something more than almost anything else, but not having support.  So, I greatly appreciate my hubby's ability to truly listen, open himself up to dreaming, work through the questions and fears, and now share in my excitement as we anticipate and prepare for this upcoming time of our lives!

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