Friday, March 16, 2012

Pleasantly Surprised by Breaking the Silence

The other day I had dinner with one of my closest friends.  We've been friends since third grade, we love each other very much and enjoy each other's company, however we have very different ideas of travel.

She has a two-year-old child who she loves to be home with, sees Jamaica as an exotic destination, and prior to us leaving for our honeymoon to Thailand and Cambodia asked me "But what are you going to eat?  Don't they eat bugs?"

So, during our dinner we were talking about her daughter and I asked if they were thinking about #2 at all.  And of course, her follow-up question to me was...."So are you guys thinking about babies....Yet?"  "HAHAHA"  I laughed, but I decided it was time to give her the whole story and fill her in our plans. 

I told her about our trip.  I got a lot of questions and some faces that conveyed her concern for my mental stability, but overall, I got a much better response than I had construed in my head.  We talked about why we want to do this, what our thoughts were for our house, how we are going to make it work, and how other people probably won't understand. 

We talked about my fears of being judged and not understood.  She agreed that many people would not understand and might have bad things to say, but she listened to what I told her openly, and by the end of our conversation I felt that she supported me, and would honestly do her best to be excited for me even though she would never be able to understand why I would want to do something like this.

And that's all I really want or need from her or anyone else who claims they care about me.

You don't have to understand why I want to do something, but you can be interested, supportive, and excited for me.



  1. Hello I found your blog by someone joining mine - I am now following you. I love to travel and I love photographs of people's travels and to hear there stories. Good luck on your adventure and I cna't wait to hear more.

    1. Hi Roxanne,
      Thank you for following me and for your nice note! I am just returning from a technology-free vacation, so hope to get writing again ASAP!
      Thanks again, I look forward to reading your blog as well!